Romney Leads In Michigan

If you haven’t already seen it, the Michigan Poll published in this morning’s Detroit Free Press is pretty interesting.
On the Republican side, Mitt Romney leads John McCain 27% to 22%. Huckabee has 16%; Giuliani and Thompson haven’t done much in Michigan and barely register. It’s noteworthy, too, that Romney leads McCain by 11% among Republicans (as opposed to those who say they intend to vote in the Republican primary).
The demographic breakdown of Romney’s support is a little disconcerting. He scores well among older and middle-aged voters, but among those less than 35 years old he is favored by a paltry 9%. In a year in which there will be great emphasis on “change” and the youth vote, he will need to do much better.
The Democratic side is odd because Barack Obama didn’t get on the ballot. Still, there is no sign of a major Obama boom. When asked whom they would vote for with all the candidates on the ballot, respondents favored Hillary Clinton over Obama 46% to 23%.
Michigan’s delegates have been cut from 60 to 30 by the national Republican Party because the state failed to comply with the party’s scheduling rules. The primary is not winner-take-all; delegates are allocated according to a complicated formula. So, whoever comes out on top in the overall results, Romney, McCain and Huckabee will all get delegates.
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