All Michigan polls are closed now,

and Fox News is about to call the race for Romney. So who is the Republican front-runner now? There is none.
Here’s why. Giuliani and Thompson haven’t won anywhere, and neither is doing all that well in national polling any more. But Giiuliani, though not the front-runner, is in better shape tonight as a result of McCain’s loss.
In the only two primaries to date, Huckabee has failed to clear 10 percent among non-evangelical voters.
In the only two primaries to date, McCain has failed to obtain a plurality among Republican voters.
In three contests that figure, collectively, to be more favorable for Mitt Romney than any other set, Romney was only able to win one. The next two big races — South Carolina and Florida — are in less hospitable territory than New Hampshire and Michigan. Nor does Romney seem especially well-positioned for super Tuesday, Feburary 5.


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