Trouble ahead for Hillary?

Fox News expects that when all of the votes are counted in Michigan’s Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton will have captured less than 60 percent of them. Now, 60 percent can be a good number; the Republican candidates would all kill for it. But in Michigan, Clinton’s only opponents were “uncommitted” and Dennis Kucinich.
Why didn’t Hillary do better? The answer, apparently, is that something like 70 percent of the African-Americans who voted in the Democratic primary went for “uncommitted.”
So Barack Obama’s coalition is shaping up. It consists of up-scale, well-educated whites, young voters, and blacks. The first two groups alone were sufficient to battle Clinton to basically a stand-off in Iowa and New Hampshire. With blacks apparently now joining in, things should stay interesting on the Democratic side.
UPDATE: The final count has Hillary at about 55 percent and “uncommitted” at about 40 percent.
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