Global Warming Alert

Here in Minnesota, we are beginning one of the cold snaps that we have at least once a winter. When I got home from work a little while ago, the temperature was nine degrees below zero. It will get down to at least 15 below tonight. At that temperature, especially combined with even a modest breeze, exposed flesh freezes in a matter of minutes. Or less. It may be a couple of days before the temperature goes positive again.
We’ll probably spend most of the weekend indoors. If you’re indoors too, you can listen to Brian “St. Paul” Ward and me on the radio from 11 to 1 central (12 to 2 eastern) by going here. Chad won’t be with us; his team is playing in the national pond hockey championships. With luck, he won’t get frostbite, and won’t take a puck in the mouth as he did last year.


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