Is the race in South Carolina tightening?

South Carolina will hold its Republican primary tomorrow, and the polls suggest that the race is tightening. The RCP average shows the gap between John McCain and Mike Huckabee at 4 percentage points, compared to 8 points only a day ago. And two recent surveys (Rasmussen and Insider Advantage) have the McCain and Huckabee in a flat-footed tie.
Huckabee’s support fell after his performance, under fire from Fred Thompson, in the most recent debate. Why has Huckabee rebounded (assuming he has)? Part of the answer may be that McCain, subject perhaps to closer scrutiny, is “coming back” to Huckabee. In addition, I understand that Huck is talking about the Confederate flag now.
Meanwhile, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson continue to trail by considerable margins. Thompson’s support has increased, but there’s no hard evidence that the increase has been dramatic. In fact, according to the polls the combined support for Thompson and Romney does not exceed McCain’s number. If the two candidates running as traditional, across-the-board conservatives can’t do appreciably better than this in South Carolina, the result will constitute an even more resounding rejection than has already occurred in Iowa and New Hampshire.
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