South Carolina exit poll results, for what they’re worth

As reported by Fox News, the exit polls from South Carolina point to a close race between John McCain and Mike Huckabee, with McCain perhaps having the edge. They show Republican voters split almost evenly between the two, with independents favoring McCain (my apologies, by the way, for suggesting a few days ago that this primary was limited to Republicans).
The exit polls results contain no good news for Fred Thompson. If they are indicative, Thompson never caught fire in South Carolina, and may not be long for the race.
But again, this is exit polling, not real votes.
UPDATE: With the polls now closed in South Carolina, Fox News has released its exit poll results. They show McCain in front with 32 percent, compared to 27 percent for Huckabee. This margin fails to provide Fox News with enough confidence to call the race for McCain; instead it will wait for raw vote with which to compare the exit polling.
The exit polls are also too close to permit Fox to say whether Romney or Thompson will finish third.
MORE: More than 20 percent of the raw vote has been counted, and McCain leads by around 7 percentage points. However, Fox News says that the outcome is still in doubt. Indeed, its comparison of raw votes to exit polling apparently suggests that the race is closer than what the exit polls (in which McCain lead by five points) indicated.


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