As Greenville County goes. . .

Michael Barone has looked at results from Greenville County, where more Republican votes typically are cast than in any other South Carolina jurisdiction. This is a county where, in 2000, George Bush crushed John McCain.
This time, with about half of the precincts in, McCain is running even with Huckabee. Barone speculates that, if these returns are indicative, it’s a bad sign for Mike Huckabee.
It’s also the case that more than half of the raw vote has been counted now, and Huckabee trails by five percentage points. That seems like a bad sign for Huckabee too.
UPDATE: Apparently, the one part of South Carolina that’s slow in reporting is Horry County, which is a coastal area where resorts are located. This figures to be McCain country, and certainly not an area that would enable Huckabee to overcome McCain’s growing lead.
It looks like McCain’s night to me. I’ll be interested to see whether he outpolled Huckabee among Republicans. The exit polls suggest they finished even among Republicans with 30 percent each.
JOHN adds: Fox News has just called South Carolina for McCain. I have mixed feelings about that, but it’s definitely better than going for Huckabee.


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