Bylines of brutality

Today the New York Times resumes its coverage of our crazed killer vets with Deborah Sontag’s “An Iraq veteran’s descent, a prosecutor’s choice.” Contrast Sontag’s long, long story with the minimalist coverage afforded by the Times to the posthumous Medal of Honor awarded to New York native son Michael Murphy. Clay Waters, among others, noted the Times’s reluctance to cover the military heroism of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Iowahawk helps to put the Times’s coverage in context with his dogged “Bylines of brutality.” Iowahawk supplies the subhead: “As casualties mount, some question the emotional stability of media vets.” Iowahawk deserves a Pulitzer for his digging on this previously ignored crisis, but I’m afraid that the Pulitzer willl be headed the Times’s way.


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