We Can’t Wait

Oliver Stone hasn’t had a hit movie since 1994, if you assume Natural Born Killers was a hit, but he knows his audience: he’s going to direct a film biography of George W. Bush, and if all of Stone’s fellow BDS sufferers buy a ticket, it will be the Gone With the Wind of the 21st century.
The movie is to be called Bush, and Stone says we shouldn’t assume it’s anti-GWB; he wants to create “a fair, true portrait of the man.” Sure, just like his film bio of Nixon.
Someone named Josh Brolin will play George Bush, presumably because he’s a dead ringer for the President:
Oh, well. Stone made Alexander the Great look like a goof without doing any permanent damage to his reputation. A few thousand years from now, who will know the difference? Bush has more to fear from the academic historians who will set to work distorting his record before he’s finished moving out of the White House.


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