A Reason to Vote for Hillary

Robert Novak says Barack Obama is putting out the word that if he is elected, he will appoint John Edwards as Attorney General. Obama’s motive, presumably, is to secure Edwards’ eventual support in his race against Hillary Clinton.
The thought of John Edwards as Attorney General is appalling. Democrats liked to claim that former Texas Supreme Court Justice Alberto Gonzales “politicized” the Justice Department. The allegation was silly; I don’t think Gonzales ran DOJ very well, but he certainly didn’t politicize federal law enforcement. If you want to see what a truly politicized Department of Justice looks like, the unprincipled, hyper-partisan John Edwards would be the ideal person to put in charge. Novak reports that leaders of organized labor are licking their chops at the thought of Edwards as Attorney General.
I can think of a few worse cabinet appointments than this one–Dennis Kucinich as Secretary of Defense, for example–but not many. Next time Obama talks about reducing the partisanship in Washington, contrast his words with the prospect of John Edwards running the Justice Department.
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