Obama in a rout

It looks like Barack Obama will rout Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina primary. AP has already called the race based on exit polls. These polls indicated that African-American voters, who made up about half of this electorate, favored Obana by a 4-1 ratio. Those are tough odds.
So Clinton and Obama have split the first four contested races. But things are going to be quite challenging for Obama from now on, since the race will be “national” the rest of the way. Clinton has a decent lead nationally, and will likely will benefit from machine politics in some of the key states.
UPDATE: Clinton and John Edwards are fighting it out for second place in South Carolina. The oily Edwards, according to Fox News, was trying to gin up turnout by Republican voters from rural areas who didn’t vote last week because of the bad weather. These voters would likely be anti-Clinton (and possibly anti-Obama), and might not know that Edwards has become a raving left-wing ideologue.
By the way, Clinton jetted out of South Carolina early today, probably with the same relish with which she used to escape from Arkansas.
MORE: There’s still some doubt, but it’s likely now that Clinton will take second place. However, there’s some solace for Edwards. According to Fox News, exit polling shows that he did well among voters who favor the war in Iraq and think the economy is in good shape.
Clearly, Edwards needs to remain in the race so his message will be heard.
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