Ted Olson to endorse John McCain

Jennifer Rubin reports that Ted Olson says he will endorse John McCain for president. With McCain now in the driver’s seat for the nomination, it’s not surprising that he’s picking up major endorsements. Earlier today, I read that William Barr, the Attorney General during part of the Bush 41 administration, has endorsed McCain.
However, in Olson’s case at least, the endorsement could have been expected quite apart from McCain’s recent successes. Almost two years ago (I think), I attended a dinner at which McCain spoke. I can’t remember whether Olson introduced him, but it was clear that he had great respect for McCain.
Olson ended up endorsing Rudy Giuliani, a friend dating back at least to the early days of the Reagan Justice Department. With Giuliani dropping out, it seems pretty natural that Olson would endorse McCain, who likely was his second choice all along.


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