Coda, With Lots of Money

Valerie Plame is coming to Minneapolis to speak at Orchestra Hall as part of a “Women’s Lecture Series” sponsored by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. In anticipation of the event, the Strib turned left-wing columnist Kim Ode loose to ask Plame some tough questions.
Just kidding, of course. The media’s beatification of Ms. Plame continues. Never mind that major chunks of her story are false, while the tale of her “outing,” taken as a whole, makes no sense. Plame has her story and the newspapers are sticking to it.
None of this is really worth commenting on, except that I got a chuckle out of the Strib’s introduction to its story:

Valerie Plame Wilson says she’s been through hell, and is still recovering from being outed as a spy. But she will recover — of that she’s certain.

Yes, I’m certain she’ll recover too. In fact, I suspect she’s already getting better. The Strib’s sidebar notes:

[S]eries tickets are available from $169-$289; some single-session tickets also may be available for $40-$64.

Orchestra Hall seats 2,450. As Junie B. Jones–a figure more grounded in reality than Valerie Plame–once said, “Boom! Do the math.”


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