Same old story?

So far, John McCain is having a pretty good night, rolling up wins in big eastern states (excluding Massachusetts, of course). Mike Huckabee is also having a good night, having already won several southern states.
Mitt Romney keeps coming up short, although his key states — Missouri and California — have yet to be heard from. The exit polling I’ve seen suggests that these states will be close, but that there may be more heartbreak in store for MItt. That’s just speculation, though.
UPDATE: The McCain camp loves to talk about how those who know Romney best don’t like him. Usually, they’re referring to newspapers in Boston and southern New Hampshire. But Romney did well among voters in areas of New Hampshire with lots of Massachusetts transplants, and he’s winning Massachusetts handily despite a foolish effort by McCain to embarrass Romney there.
Meanwhile, Republicans who know McCain best, those in Arizona, are keeping things interesting. The polls have closed, but Fox News can’t call the race. Apparently, the immigration issue is hurting McCain in his home state, as well it should. Arizona is just an interesting side-show in the scheme of things. But maybe it’s indicative of how Republicans in southern California voted. [Note: McCain has won Arizona and the raw vote so far doesn’t show the race to be all that close]
MORE: Romney is a fairly distant third in Missouri right now. Much of the vote remains to be counted, but it may not be too early to say that California effectively represents Romney’s last stand.
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