Meanwhile on the Democratic side

Hillary Clinton is having a pretty good night so far. Although Barack Obama has won a few deep south states and, of course, Illinois, Clinton seems to be sweeping the east and has won a few southern and border states (Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Arkansas).
My favorite result comes from Massachusetts, where Clinton was the clear winner despite endorsements for Obama from Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.
It’s clear, however, that Obama will be very much alive after tonight and may well be alive all the way to the convention.
UPDATE: Things have picked up a bit for Obama. He’s won Delaware, has a slight lead in Connecticut, and is doing well in some midwest and rocky mountain caucuses. Clinton leads in Missouri, however.
MORE: Obama is closing fast in Missouri, probably on the strength of his showing in St. Louis, which traditionally reports late. He’s only about 10,000 votes behind Clinton with 10 percent of the precincts still to be counted. An Obama win would be one of the most significant results of the evening on the Democratic side.


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