A Romney exit strategy?

Byron York wonders whether Mitt Romney is about to terminate his campaign. Byron asked the Romney campaign whether he would be crazy to infer from the recent absence of emails, including those that criticize John McCain, that “the campaign is dialing back its aggressiveness in preparation for a Romney withdrawal.” He was told:

There have been a lot of discussions going on about whether there is a path to victory, and not wanting to look destructive at what might be the end. You are reading the right thing into it.

UPDATE: Multiple sources confirm that Romney will announce his withdrawal from the race this afternoon in his speech to CPAC.
So I guess this means I can do my stay-at-home protest thing next Tuesday, and get it out of my system. Or maybe I’ll see if I can vote in the Democratic primary, assuming I can get some “walking around” money.
MORE: The Maryland primary is a “closed” one.
By the way, Hillary may be almost broke but her volunteers are out in force at local metro stations throughout the area. The ones at my station, and at another one used by a friend, fit the profile — 50-something white women.


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