Quick Hits

The only American to be indicted for treason since September 11 may be dead.
More hate speech from Air America. It’s entertaining to contemplate what would happen if conservative talk radio engaged in the same kind of “humor” about Barack Obama. Of course, that would never happen. Conservatives just don’t know how to hate like liberals.
Iran steps up its centrifuge technology, “a move that could lead to Tehran enriching uranium much faster and gaining the means to build atom bombs.” Can we reconsider that National Intelligence Estimate?
Finally, young Cubans use internet video to embarrass the Communist dictatorship. I especially enjoyed an innocent question by a “self-avowed revolutionary” who wondered why Cubans aren’t allowed to travel. She said she “would very much like to visit the place in Bolivia where Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was killed.” My kind of revolutionary.


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