Honoring World War IV

This morning, I was on Bill Bennett’s radio show to talk about tonight’s event in New York at which we will present the Power Line Book of the Year Award for 2007 to Norman Podhoretz for World War IV. We talked about tonight’s event, the book, and the role that the ongoing war against Islamic extremism will play in this year’s election. You can listen to the interview by hitting the play button below:

Scott linked below to Mark Steyn’s comments on tonight’s event on The Corner. Here they are in full:

I’ll be flying down to New York later today for the first Powerline Book of the Year gala. This year it’s going to World War IV by Norman Podhoretz, who makes a better case for the Bush Doctrine than Bush’s foreign policy team is prepared to do these days. It’s apparently a bigger cash prize than the Pulitzers, but it goes to charity – in this case, Soldiers’ Angels. Norman, Henry Kissinger, the Powerline lads, and I will be chewing over the book’s thesis, which not everyone at NR (from Jonah to Derb to WFB himself) is on board with. Nonetheless, it attempts, as almost no other book does, to grapple with both the scale of the present struggle and its relationship to 20th century history – and to ask, as The New York Sun notes, the key questions. I hope amidst all the singing and dancing and Sally Fieldian acceptance speeches we’ll have a chance to get to the real meat of the questions raised by Norman.

I think the singing and dancing will be kept to a minimum. Certainly as to Paul, Scott and me, that would be desirable.


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