Post-Mortem Number One

Our Power Line book event tonight was great fun. We’ll have much more to say over the next couple of days, but for now a few quick impressions. It was extraordinary to have Henry Kissinger, Norman Podhoretz and Mark Steyn as speakers and panelists. I can’t think when a more impressive or diverse group has been assembled. The speeches were of exceptional quality; we will try to obtain transcripts and post them.
The Four Seasons was a delightful site for the event. The food was excellent, and everyone seemed to have a good time.
Lt. Tom Cotton sat at my table. We can now say that the question of his existence has been conclusively resolved.
In addition to more formal efforts by others, my daughters took some photos and videos. I’ll put some excerpts up when I’ve had time to look at them. In the meantime, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit live-blogged the event. He has photos and commentary; here is a shot of Scott with my wife Loree and Paul Wolfowitz.
Keep an eye on Jim’s site, as I’m sure he will have more over the next day or two.
Here is how I kicked off the event and explained why World War IV was our choice for Book of the Year:

Good evening and welcome to the Power Line Book of the Year award ceremony. Before we do anything else, I want to thank our hosts, Lawrence and Susan Kadish and Nina Rosenwald, for sponsoring this beautiful event.
Scott Johnson, Paul Mirengoff and I started Power Line nearly six years ago, in the shadow of September 11.
Scott and I had been writing together since 1990, and the three of us were interested in a broad range of issues. But from the beginning, our paramount purpose was to support our country, our President and our armed forces, to whatever small extent we could, in what we always believed would be a long war against Islamic extremism.
It was from that perspective that we selected Norman Podhoretz


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