Huckabee recedes

Mike Huckabee was already in John McCain’s rear view mirror. After tonight, he’ll barely be worth a backward glance. With half of the Virginia vote in, Fox News has declared McCain the victor in that winner-take-all contest. And exit polling strongly suggests that McCain will win in Maryland, as well (the Maryland polls won’t close until 9:30 due to “inclement weather,” which around here means a light, cold rain).
So now, McCain can focus on the larger tasks ahead of him — putting together an expanded organization, mending fences with conservatives, and developing his campaign themes for the general election. If that means losing the occasional race to Huckabee (assuming Huck persists), so be it.
It was the prospect of seeing McCain reach this happy point that induced me to brave the frozen tundra of Bethesda and cast my vote for him.


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