What To Do About Iran?

It was a real thrill to introduce Henry Kissinger at our 2007 Book Award dinner last night. His talk was insightful, imbued with a unique historical perspective, and at times even funny. This audio clip is of the first half to two-thirds of Kissinger’s presentation. It ends at the precise moment where he starts to talk about what to do about Iran. Part 2 will be posted before long. In the meantime, this one is well worth listening to.

The New York Times covered the event under the title “When Kissinger Met the Bloggers.” Their account is a bit snarky, but not too bad. This observation, at least, was accurate:

With the attendance of contributors and editors from National Review, The Weekly Standard and The Wall Street Journal editorial page, the dinner was a merging of the old and new conservative media establishment….

One amusing aspect of the Times’ coverage was that their reporter turned out to be a college classmate of Tom Cotton. Another amusing aspect is that her middle name is “8.” Which irresistibly calls to mind the ancient childhood puzzle, “Why was 6 afraid of 7?”
ONE MORE THING: Note this line from the Times’ account of the evening:

[I]t was a crowd who literally applauded at talk of military action against Iran, despite the recent intelligence assessment that says Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program.

That’s not what the NIE says, of course. But this is, nevertheless, precisely the use that senior intelligence officers intended when they produced their recent, heavily politicized report.
UPDATE: This photo was taken by Jim Hoft during the panel discussion in which Norman Podhoretz, Mark Steyn, Scott and Paul participated: