Post-Mortem Number Four

The New York Sun reports on our Book of the Year event Monday evening here. To buy Norman Podhoretz’s Book of the Year, World War VI, go here. World War IV is short, accessible, and the most cogent account so far of our conflict with Islamic radicalism and what must be done to win it.
UPDATE: Pajamas Media’s Michael Weiss reports on the Podhoretz event:

Future historians who try pinpoint a date on which the influence of cyberspace reached its peak would do worse than to settle on Monday night. The popular conservative blog Power Line hosted its first annual book award ceremony, honoring Norman Podhoretz for his volume World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism, in a swank little corner of the Four Seasons Restaurant.
Dinner was served, and so was the following guest list of plenipotentiaries: Podhoretz himself, his wife Midge Decter, his son John (the new editor of Commentary), Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, Shaha Riza, Mark Steyn, Andrew Breitbart, and PJM


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