President Bush, Africa’s best friend

To the consternation of many liberals, President Bush liberated two large and strategically important nations from the clutches of Islamofascism. When these liberals applied great pressure on Bush to pave the way for the return of Islamofascism in much of one of these countries, he not only defied them, but devised a strategy that appears to have inflicted a defeat on al Qaeda, that most virulent of Islamofascist elements.
Often when a president focuses so intently on a particular enemy in a particular region, he does so to the detriment of U.S. foreign policy in other areas. Yet President Bush has managed to devote an unprecedented level of dedication to dealing with the problems of Africa, a region that has rarely commanded any serious attention from the U.S..
Bret Schaefer and Anthony Kim of the Heritage Foundation use the occasion of Bush


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