A dangerous warming trend in Copenhagen

Could it be that global warming has given rise to six straight nights of rioting by the mysterious “Danish youth” spotted in this Reuters report? Could be:

Gangs of rioters set fire to cars and garbage trucks in northern Copenhagen on Friday, the sixth night of rioting and vandalism that has spread from the capital to other Danish cities, police said on Saturday.
Five youths were arrested in the capital on Friday after 28 cars and 35 garbage trucks were burned, Copenhagen police duty officer Jakob Kristensen told Reuters.
Danish media said arrests in other towns brought to 29 the number of people police were holding.
Scores of cars and several schools have been vandalized or burned in the past week. Police could give no reason, but said that unusually mild weather and the closure of schools for a winter break might have contributed.

Roger Kimball somehow manages to get to the bottom of the story.
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