Blowing His Cover

Ron Paul’s Presidential run made a surprising impact. He was a web favorite–a status that so far, by the way, has been the kiss of death–and raised the remarkable total of $20,000,000, mostly on-line. Millions of Republicans saw Paul for the first time; some considered him a principled idealist; others, like me, found him creepy.
It seems that a fair number of Paul’s constituents have had their eyes opened as well. Paul is facing a strong challenge from an accountant and city councilman named Chris Peden, who currently leads Paul by around ten points in the polls. Roger Simon interviewed Peden and posted a podcast, along with an interesting summary of the interview. Not surprisingly, one difference between Peden and Paul is that Peden supports the administration’s national defense efforts. Peden also questions the racially charged, and otherwise controversial, newsletters that Paul sponsored for many years.
I, for one, would like to see a more orthodox conservative replace Paul in the House, and wish Peden well.
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