When three reporters are not enough

The Star Tribune devoted three reporters to its story on the illegal alien whose reckless driving apparently caused the crash that killed four kids near Cottonwood, Minnesota. The story was most recently updated an hour ago.
The Star Tribune reports that “[f]ederal immigration officials are assisting the State Patrol’s investigation of the crash and are looking into Morales’ background[.]” The Star Tribune gingerly adds that “Morales’ arrest will help authorities determine her status with fingerprints and other information.” The Star Tribune leaves the issue of Morales’s legal status a deep mystery.
Yesterday afternoon, however, the local FOX affiliate reported:

Authorities have confirmed that the the driver of the van that struck the school bus that killed 4 students on Tuesday is an illegal alien.
Officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement are checking to see where she came from and how long she’s been in Minnesota. FOX 9 has also learned that the name she gave to police, Alainiss Morales, is an alias.

The Star Tribune omits any mention of the FOX 9 report. If FOX 9 had it right yesterday afternoon, however, the Star Tribune is far behind the curve in the reporting of this major local story.
UPDATE: The Strib caught up with its television competitor as of noon today. Although “Morales” has a Minnesota identification card, law enforcement authorities do not yet know who she is.
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