Her Inner Ratched

One of the sources of Barack Obama’s strength against Ms. Hillary is his greater likability. She has so far been unable to criticize him effectively in part because doing so tends to highlight one of his strengths along with one of her weaknesses. Even so, we haven’t yet seen a public display of anger at Obama or her situation that reveals her inner Nurse Ratched. Her inner Ratched is one voice she “found” long before her weepy tribute to herself in New Hampshire. (Thanks to Reliapundit for the link to the photoshop of Nurse Rodham created by the proprietor of Exurban League.)
Lucianne highlights a CNN video clip of Ms. Hillary bringing a slightly synthetic version of her inner Ratched into public view. She has hauled it out in an attempt to make Obama defensive, to take him down a notch. In the background of the video clip Ohio Governor Ted Strickland nods dutifully and looks a little uncomfortable — like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest‘s Charlie Cheswick (photo above).
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