U.N. Documents Say Iran Nuke Program Continues

Earlier today in Vienna, representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency presented documents and data to the agency’s 35-nation board indicating that Iran has continued to pursue its nuclear weapons program:

Simon Smith, Britain’s ambassador to the IAEA, said material presented to the IAEA in Vienna came from multiple sources and included designs for a nuclear warhead, plus information on how it would perform and how it would fit onto a missile.

More details here:

The material suggested there was “detailed work put into the designing of the warhead, studying how that warhead would perform, how it would be detonated and how it would be fitted to a Shahab-3 missile”.
Another diplomat said an Iranian video depicted mock-ups of a missile re-entry vehicle. An IAEA director suggested the component – which brings missiles back from the stratosphere – was configured in a way that strongly suggests it was meant to carry a nuclear warhead.

Contrary to the notoriously politicized National Intelligence Estimate released by the CIA a few months ago, the U.N. documents “[c]ertainly… went beyond 2003.” They were promptly denounced as “forgeries” by Iran. Meanwhile, the U.N.’s Security Council is expected to vote on new sanctions against Iran in the immediate future.
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