Tear down this Walz

Minnesota First District Rep. Tim Walz is one of the Democrats swept into office with the tide in the last election. He is also one of the House Democrats blocking legislation that would preserve the essential intelligence collection authority that was passed overwhelmingly by the Senate. Andrew McCarthy and the Defense of Democracies have led the charge in exposing the hokum advanced by the Democrats to support their utter irresponsibility, most recently in McCarthy’s NRO column “Top Democrats spout nonsense on intelligence reform.”
House Democrats opted to go on vacation rather than permit a vote on the compromise bill passed by the Senate. Defense of Democracies is now running an advertisement urging legislators to pass the Senate bill. Rep. Walz has attempted to join the issue with McCarthy and the Defense of Democracies advertisement in this press release.
McCarthy is of course the former federal prosecutor who led the prosecution against the jihad organization of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (the


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