Democrats Still Blocking FISA Reform

The Senate passed the renewal of the Protect America Act with 68 votes, and the Act will pass in the House if Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership allow it to be voted on. So far, however, they have successfully blocked a vote in the House. They have thus advanced the interests of their patrons, class action plaintiffs’ lawyers, at the expense of national security.
Today two senior officials, one from the intelligence community and one from the Department of Justice, gave a press briefing to explain the importance of renewing the Act. It was an impressive performance, but one not likely to see the light of day in the mainstream media. This is a simple statement of the rationale underlying the Protect America Act:

What’s lost in this debate is that there is sort of a good, common-sense basis to the Protect America Act and the legislation that we want to see made permanent.


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