Not That It Matters, But…

…it’s entertaining to see the left heap abuse on Ralph Nader for jumping into the Presidential race. Here is how the San Francisco Chronicle reacted to Nader’s announcement of his running mate, San Francisco’s own Matt Gonzalez:

Ralph Nader sure knows how to marginalize his candidacy for president: He picked a brooding, far-left running mate who couldn’t get elected mayor of San Francisco.

Actually, I don’t believe Nader himself has ever been elected anything. So the affinity is perhaps natural. The Chronicle concludes:

If Republicans were to take the Nader-Gonzalez ticket seriously, they would have a field day with the former supervisor’s proposal to let noncitizens vote in local elections. They would mock the energy he invested into labeling owners of cats and dogs as “pet guardians.” They would resurrect his jailings for contempt of court when he was public defender.
Rest assured, the Republican attack machine will not waste a drop of vitriol on Nader and Gonzalez. Each “progressive” vote they woo will be another small step forward for John McCain.

It’s curious how Democrats keep talking about a Republican “attack machine” that spews “vitriol.” Actually, the vitriol we see comes pretty much exclusively from the Left. It would be nice if the Republicans had an attack machine, but so far that’s only a hope. If we had one, though, it would indeed be fun to go after the “pet guardian” candidate.


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