FISA Reform Renewal Likely

It’s being reported that House Republicans and Democrats are close to a “compromise” that will allow the extension of the FISA reform act to be brought to the floor for a vote. What is not yet clear is whether this is really a compromise, or the Democrats are caving. Intelligence Committee Chairman Sylvestre Reyes says that he has finally started trying to understand the immunity issue, which apparently is bringing him around to the Republican view:

Reyes, D-Texas, said he was open to that possibility after receiving documents from the Bush administration and speaking to the companies about the industry’s role in the government spy program.
“We are talking to the representatives from the communications companies because if we’re going to give them blanket immunity, we want to know and we want to understand what it is that we’re giving immunity for,” he said. “I have an open mind about that.”

I assume what’s going on here is that the Dems don’t like the way the public relations war is going, and the more moderate members of the caucus have finally prevailed on Nancy Pelosi to allow a vote. Michael Ramirez sums up the Democrats’ shame; click to enlarge:

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