It’s over

Arsenal defeated AC Milan 2-0 (and 2-0 on aggregate).
Other aggregate winners were Barcelona over Celtic; Manchester United over Lyon; and Fenerbahce over Sevilla (on penalty kicks).
Oh, and the Democrats? Obama won Vermont; Clinton won Rhode Island; and Ohio and Texas haven’t been called.
One good sign for Clinton, though. Late deciders broke fairly decisively in her favor in Texas and Ohio, according to exit polls. Since she was running no worse than even in most polls in both states, the late deciders could put her over the top.
UPDATE: Fox News has now declared Clinton the winner in Ohio, where she’s up by about 15 percentage points with more than half of the vote counted. The Ohio win alone should keep her in the race. If she combines it with a win in Texas (even if it’s just the popular vote), then it seems to me she has a reasonable shot at the nomination.


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