Could Be A Long Night

The big news so far is that Hillary Clinton is running away with Ohio. Maybe that’s because she appeals better than Obama to the Democrats’ traditional blue-collar constituencies, and maybe the NAFTA/Canada controversy hurt Obama. Texas is excruciatingly close; if I were Michael Barone, I could look at returns from some key precincts and tell you who’s going to win. For the rest of us, it will either be a long night, or we’ll go to bed and see who won in the morning.
Either way, as Paul said earlier, Hillary’s big win in Ohio, combined with a squeaker in Texas, is enough to keep her going.
UPDATE: In Texas, Obama started with a 36,000 vote lead in the early voting. If you subtract that, it does seem that Hillary is starting to pull away a bit. More evidence, perhaps, that the Clinton camp will be able to use to argue that momentum is flowing her way.
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