Giving limousine liberals a bad name

Michelle Obama thinks that, as a country, America is “just downright mean” and has “gotten worse” in her lifetime. It’s not surprising that she believes this — radicals nearly always do; otherwise they wouldn’t be pushing for radical change. However, when Ms. Obama tells a predominantly African-American audience that America has gotten “meaner” during her 44 years, it’s hard to take her seriously. As John Podhoretz puts it:

When Michelle Obama was born, racial intermarriage was against the law in at least two dozen states. Governors were standing in front of university and classroom doors, attempting to bar black children and teenagers from entering white-only institutions. The per capita income of African Americans has risen sixteen-fold over the past 40 years. Black homeownership has risen tenfold. The black poverty rate has declined from 75 percent to 25 percent. Over the past 13 years, a breathtaking drop in the crime rate has made poor black neighborhoods safe and habitable in cities across the country for the first time in Michelle Obama


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