The book tour from hell continues

Ed Lasky has the latest on Samantha Power’s book tour. This time in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Power manages to insult the leader of Great Britain even as she claims that Barack Obama “will repair image of [the] US in [the] UK.”
Power, fresh off of calling Hillary Clinton “a monster,” tells the Telegraph “I am confused by what’s happened to [UK Prime Minister] Gordon Brown. I thought he was impressive.”
The Obama campaign may be confused about what’s happened to Power, though it really shouldn’t be. At a minimum, the campaign must be hoping that Power is running out of British media outlets with which to talk.
UPDATE: You also have to love Power’s catty remark about Secretary of State Rice:

I’m nothing like her. I don’t have any conventional political ambition.

I’m not sure what Power’s basis is for claiming that Rice has political ambition. In any case, it’s Power’s unconventional political ambition that’s starting to worry me.
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