The audacity of hate, Part Three

Josh Marshall wonders whether the video clips of Barack Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, contain much “that doesn’t come out of the sermon tradition of African-American Christianity with a 60s twist.” He also questions his ability “to distinguish between what I actually find offensive myself and what it is ingrained in me to believe others will find offensive.”
No one said it would be easy being a liberal deep-thinker.
My sense (“ingrained in me” or not) is that a great many people whose votes Obama needs will react to video of Wright in action along this line: “Oh my God, Obama’s long-time spiritual adviser is a raving, racist, anti-American lunatic.” I guess that “60s twist” makes all the difference.
UPDATE: As a former debater and debate judge, I couldn’t help noticing that Pastor Wright appeared to be reading his diatribe. His hateful drivel wasn’t some spur of the moment revelation; he actually committed it to paper.
I didn’t realize big-time preachers could get away with reading their impassioned sermons. I guess his “content” made up for it.
Via Abe Greenwald at Contentions.


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