Another One Bites the Dust

Another high-level al Qaeda terrorist is in U.S. custody at Guantanamo Bay. Mohammad Rahim has been involved in any number of terrorist operations. A close associate of Osama bin Laden, he helped set up bin Laden’s refuge at Tora Bora when the Taliban’s regime collapsed at the end of 2001, and then facilitated bin Laden’s escape from Tora Bora.
It appears that Rahim was captured by another country last summer, and subsequently turned over to the U.S. This is one of many instances of close cooperation between other nations and the Bush administration in fighting jihadists. As Paul noted here, it is often alleged on the Left that the administration has somehow alienated, or failed to cooperate with, other countries in the war on Islamic terror. A constant stream of evidence, however, testifies to the opposite conclusion.


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