Froomkin’s cheap shot

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes is the man who wrote the book on The Connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. After the Pentagon report on Iraq’s terrorist connections was released last week, Steve covered it in the current Standard article “Saddam’s dangerous friends.”
Dan Froomkin writes the Washington Post’s online White House Briefing. Froomkin describes his column as a pugnacious daily anthology of White House-related items. In yesterday’s column Froomkin took a cheap shot at Hayes, referring to Martha Raddatz as a “real reporter” by contrast with Steve. Steve is apparently a fake.
To the extent one can deduce a thought from his cheap shot, Froomkin implies that Steve is not a “real reporter” because he challenged the Bush administration from the right regarding its treatment of the Pentagon report and related issues. While neither Froomkin nor the Post’s reporters show any sign of having read the report, Froomkin (presumably from the comfort of his home or Washington office) takes a cheap shot at a reporter who is asking questions at a press conference in Iraq on his fifth trip to the country for deficiency in his journalistic bona fides. Something here doesn’t compute.
JOHN adds: Speaking of “real reporters,” is Froomkin one? His animus against the Bush administration makes his column virtually unreadable. If there is a more biased and unreliable journalist than Froomkin, I don’t know who it would be.
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