It Isn’t Only Jeremiah Wright

The Barack Obama campaign has been engulfed in controversy over racist and anti-American sermons given by his minister and friend, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In responding to questions about Rev. Wright, Obama has consistently emphasized that Rev. Wright was like a member of his family, an “uncle,” who was “about to retire.” That raises the question of who has succeeded Rev. Wright, and how his views match up with those of the Presidential candidate.
Rev. Wright’s successor is Otis Moss, who now leads the Trinity United Church of Christ. Rev. Moss is, of course, well aware of the controversy surrounding his predecessor. So he should have been well prepared for his interview on National Public Radio yesterday. Still, he was unwilling to distance himself from Wright’s most irrational and noxious claims, including the ridiculous assertion that the United States government created the AIDS virus in a laboratory to kill African Americans. Instead of denouncing such ridiculous claims, he tap-danced around Rev. Wright’s “narrative.” Here is the relevant portion of the interview:

Barack Obama says that he wants to bring Americans together and get beyond the divisions of the past. So why does he continue to associate himself with those who seem to think it’s a trick question if you ask them whether the federal government created the AIDS virus?
Obama is no fool. He knows that this is insanity. So why will he not unequivocally repudiate the unscrupulous demagogues who sow racial division by suggesting that white Americans are trying to commit genocide against black Americans?
ONE MORE THING: Spare us the “narrative” crap. Making stuff up is not a “narrative,” nor is it a “remix.”
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