You’re Free To Go–No, Wait!

This story is almost enough to give you warm feelings about bureaucratic incompetence: Kathleen Soliah (aka Sara Jane Olson) is being returned to prison in California. Soliah was paroled on Monday and re-arrested Friday night at Los Angeles International Airport, apparently as she was about to return to Minnesota. The explanation is almost beyond belief:

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesman Oscar Hidalgo said that officials miscalculated Olson’s sentence and gave her a year’s more time off her term than she deserved. ***
She was officially arrested late Saturday morning after authorities examined her sentence, reassessed her time credits and determined that she still had more time to do.

I’m not sure whether this is divine justice or cruel and unusual punishment. Or both.
UPDATE: One more thing. A vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is a vote to put these people in charge of your health care.
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