Let’s Turn Out To Support the Vets

Scott noted this morning that the principal of Forest Lake High School canceled the scheduled appearance this morning by Forest Lake alum Pete Hegseth and his fellow Vets For Freedom. The cancellation was prompted by an unspecified number of complaints from “parents and others;” the others apparently were leftists organized by Democratic Underground.
On only a few hours’ notice, the Vets had to transfer their program from the high school to the local American Legion. They doubted whether anyone would show up to hear them, but it turns out they needn’t have worried. Pete writes:

With barely 12 hours’ notice, over 200 people showed up — the Legion was standing room only — the crowd was spilling into the hallway.
About two-dozen Forest Lake High School students skipped school to attend, holding signs that said “Support the Vets” and “We love our troops.”
The outpouring of support from the community in Forest Lake was incredible, and we hope for an even larger crowd at tonight’s event.

This photo is of the crowd at the American Legion; note the press coverage:

This one shows Pete and his fellow Vets:

The story has gone national with coverage on the Drudge Report and elsewhere on the web. A local TV station headlines Students skip school to see Iraq speech. The station quotes high school student Elijah Miller:

“My brother’s in the armed forces…it’s a slap in the face for people with family members in the armed forces.”

School officials, on the other hand, “repeatedly denied our requests for comment on the situation.”
Tonight from 6:00 to 8:30, the Vets For Freedom will be at the Officers’ Club at Fort Snelling, which is directly south of the Twin Cities airport. If you live within driving distance of the Twin Cities, please turn out to show your support. Here are the directions:
Located at Hwy 5 and Post Road. Exit Hwy 5 on Post Road and follow the signs to Fort Snelling State Park. Take first left to continue to the Officers’ Club. Do not pass through the stone gates to the park.
Hope to see you there. Let’s show the bullies at Democratic Underground that one spineless principal doesn’t speak for the people of Minnesota.