Across the border

Todd Bensman is the outstanding San Antonio Express-News reporter who investigated and wrote the four-part series “Breaching America,” about the travel of “special interest aliens” from the Middle East across U.S. borders. We noted Todd’s work again most recently in “Axis of evil: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.”
Now Todd returns with a post at his own site providing a compilation of terrorists known to have crossed either from Mexico or Canada illegally in recent years, busting the myth that no terrorist has ever crossed and laying it all out. The post definitively answers the question “Have terrorists crossed?” On Saturday the Express-News published Todd’s related story detailing how three Afghan nationals were caught posing as Mexicans traveling with genuine Mexican passports they bought for $10,000 each.
One of these days, protection of the border will be treated as a national security issue. When that time comes, we will be able to look back on Bensman’s work and realize that there was no excuse for not having done so years earlier.


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