Fitna lives

Death threats by proponents of the religion of peace have led to the removal of the Geert Wilders film “Fitna” from LiveLeak’s servers that we linked to yesterday. In a kind of “I am Spartacus” response, numerous sites have reposted the video. Victor Trombettas, for example, has posted it here on his blog’s YouTube account; Pat Dollard has posted it here on his site with the vow that he “will NEVER bow to your ******** yappity yapping”; Michelle Malkin has posted it here; Hot Air has posted it here; Rusty Shackleford has posted it here. As of this moment, it is still posted on Google here. Download your own copy here.
And don’t forget the comments of Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende on the film earlier this week at a news conference held at the Hague: “The film equates Islam with violence. We reject this interpretation.”
JOHN adds: Hey, we’re Spartacus too! Here it is:


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