We’re For the “Warmonger”

A number of bloggers are irate about last night’s North Dakota Democratic Party State Convention. North Dakota’s Democrats selected far-left radio talk show host Ed Schultz to warm up the crowd before Barack Obama’s speech; he did so by calling John McCain “a warmonger.” Obama did nothing to distance himself from Schultz’s smear.
I’m not sure why so many of our fellow conservatives are surprised. To run for office as a Democrat is to prey on (and pray for) ignorance. Ed Schultz is an ignoramus, hence an appropriate speaker at the Democratic Convention; he is also a typical Democratic Party activist. How, exactly, did conservatives think the Democrats would attack McCain? McCain is willing, when necessary, to defend his country. This is what the Democrats mean by “warmonger.”
As for Barack Obama, don’t hold your breath waiting for him to distance himself from a perspective that, he knows, most of his party’s activists share. On the contrary, Obama specializes in dishonest, below-the-belt politics. His false claim that McCain wants to fight in Iraq for 100 years is more or less synonymous with Schultz’s slander.
For what it’s worth, McCain’s experience in war is covered pretty well in this video:

To the Democrats, George Bush and Dick Cheney are “chickenhawks,” while John McCain is a “warmonger.” These smears are equally stupid and equally characteristic of a party that, having run out of ideas long ago, now subsists on hate.
SCOTT adds: FOX News reports:

After numerous inquiries from Obama


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