A salute to Dartblog

America’s Future Foundation has announced the award of $10,000 to Dartmouth College senior Joe Malchow in AFF’s College Blogger Contest for Dartblog. Joe founded the site as a freshman and has maintained a remarkable level of excellence for the past four years.

Judges included Jonah Goldberg of National Review; Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit; Radley Balko of The Agitator and Reason; Jonathan Adler of The Volokh Conspiracy; Robert Bluey of the Heritage Foundation and RobertBluey.com; Mary Katharine Ham of TownHall.com; and Megan McArdle of Asymmetrical Information at TheAtlantic.com. Jonah Goldberg has posted a longer explanation of the award at NRO’s Corner:

The contest, open to all graduate and undergraduate bloggers age 25 and younger, is intended to encourage original, liberty-minded blogger-journalism on college campuses. Describing the importance of blogging as a tool in journalism, competition judge Jonah Goldberg of National Review stated, “For good or for ill, blogging has become the primary arena for talent development in journalism as well as the indispensable means of working around the limitations of the traditional media. My hearty congrats to Dartblog for the first in what I hope will be many victories for its band of happy warriors.”

Joe has brought on a new crew of capable Dartmouth undergrads to continue the site now that he is about to graduate, but he has made a tremendous contribution to the life of the college during his tenure as proprietor. The AFF award appears to be the first of what is intended to be an annual award to encourage college bloggers in Joe’s mold, though he has set an example of excellence, courage, and industry that will be difficult for others to follow.


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