An encounter on Connecticut Avenue

This evening, I attended a reception hosted by National Review in advance of tonight’s White House correspondents dinner. Outside the hotel, I saw protesters holding signs excoriating the MSM for its sometimes treacherous behavior, including the reckless publication of highly sensitive material to the possible detriment of our national security.

One of the protesters recognized me. He was a high school classmate, Steve Rosenthal. Steve had driven up from Roanake, Virginia where he now resides, a four hour trip. Bless him.

Steve introduced me to some of the fellow protesters, who turned out to be from Free Republic. They seemed happy to meet me, and took justified pride in the fact that it was Free Republic (through “Buckhead”) that first questioned the authenticity of the documents Dan Rather used in his report on President Bush’s National Guard service.

However, the blogger they said they really wanted to meet was Michelle Malkin. I don’t blame them.

JOHN adds: Lest any of our old friends be confused, Paul’s high school classmate is a different Steve Rosenthal from our college friend, Steve Rosenthal, Dartmouth ’71, who lives in the D.C. area and who, many years ago, had the good sense to be a college Republican when we, to put it charitably, were considerably farther to the Left.

PAUL adds: That’s correct. My high school friend Steve was also a Republican back in the day. I recall that when I tried to ridicule the election of “that actor” as governor of California in 1966, Steve sagely counseled, “let’s see how he does.”


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