Change you can forget about — a word from Bill Otis

My friend Bill Otis writes:

One way of testing whether Obama is the candidate of “bringing us together” and “getting past partisan divisions” is to ask him to specify one — just one — significant issue on which he would be willing to break ranks with his party and join with the other party.

We know McCain has done this all the time, on immigration, campaign finance, tax cuts, “torture” and on and on.

In other words — to state what should be a tautology — if Obama is going to “bring us together,” he has to have a little something for those who in general disagree with him.

And that would be………………..what?

The MSN of course isn’t going to ask this, since their version of “bringing us together” is to have conservatives live with getting a 100% liberal agenda jammed down their throats. And this is indeed a sort of “bringing us together,” to wit, the sort formerly known as “strangulation.”


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