Over the weekend I made the point that Obama’s San Francisco remarks were framed in the terms advanced by Thomas Frank in What’s the Matter With Kansas?. Mickey Kaus takes up the subject here. He also captures Obama’s poorly concealed arrogance:

He presents himself as near ominscient, the Archimedian point from which everyone else’s beliefs and behavior can be assessed and explained, and to which almost everyone’s beliefs will revert after the revolution. … sorry, I mean after President Obama has restored hope!…

Obama was Frank’s neighbor in Chicago when Frank was editing The Baffler. We do not know how close Obama and Frank were back then, though Obama was Frank’s state senator. Someone who does these things for a living needs to take a serious look at Obama’s Chicago, where leftist radicals, crooks, and race hustlers appear to loom large along with the worldview of Thomas Frank.

UPDATE: Noemie Emery adds: “[T]he matter with Democrats, and with Obama, seems to be Thomas Frank.”


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