Football Must Be the Iliad

My friend Clark Griffith has written an essay titled “Baseball’s Timeless Appeal” for the baseball Hall of Fame. Clark points out some of the features that distinguish baseball from the more numerous games where “teams of equal size battle from one end of a court, arena, or field to the other.” In baseball’s search for home (plate), he finds an echo of The Odyssey.

And Clark should know: his family’s association with baseball goes back about as far as the Trojan War. I had to wait until Paul was in France to link to this article, since it was Clark’s father Calvin who moved Paul’s Washington Senators to the Twin Cities. Sorry, Paul; and I can’t help noting that the Twins shut out the Royals for the second consecutive time tonight, while the Washington Nationals–the third baseball incarnation, at least, in the Capital–lost their ninth in a row. I think we’ve put our finger on the real reason why Paul sought refuge in soccer!


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